Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shoot the “Ole Fart”...

No, you don’t really want to do that.  There are better ways to gain peace than spending the rest of your life in jail for pre-mediated homicide, but you can admit that you have thought about it. 
I don’t know why older men tend to get crotchety, but a lot of women express frustration with their mate’s crankiness.
In the early days of my husbands retirement he was often  cranky.  Naturally I felt that this was directed at me so I recoiled into my shell while smoldering for revenge.  Great, that made both of us miserable.
After months of talk and trial, I now look at him in his cranky mood––hands on hips, face ready for war and “sweetly” ask, “what’s the matter.”
THE stance is his clue that his crotchetiness is not appreciated, and he knows that crotchety is NOT pretty.  It’s a simple exchange reminding him that life is good, and that his pet peeve of the moment probably isn’t worth all of the negative energy.  Then he returns to that nice guy I married so long ago.
What’s your remedy?  How do you displace crotchetiness in your household?  Share your ideas and be a hero to someone.  It’s time for Wives to Unite.  Let’s make the retirement years tranquil and happy.

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